James works with clients to improve mobility and to help with injury rehabilitation 

No matter what your age, mobility training will improve your performance in every day life and can be used as part of a rehabilitation program for those with injuries. James Beeson’s Mobility and Movement Courses are ideal for improving strength, range of movement and injury prevention.

James’ mobility courses are recommended as part of a well rounded injury rehabilitation program by local physiotherapist Gurdeep Sekhon. 

Mobility is key to a long, healthy and able life

Mobility is an essential component of any exercise program and in day to day life. It is paramount in helping us move better and minimises the chance of injury."

Most injurys come from a lack of strength and stability through a joint. First you need a healthy range of movement through that joint, When we have this solid foundation we can work on stability and strength through a full range.


Your sessions will be tailored to your needs and will incorporate a number of techniques, using various equipment and even homework to ensure steady progress. 

Increase Core Strength, Personal Training

Every mobility training course is structured to an individuals needs.  James will discuss your requirements prior to working with you to ensure a clear plan that will achieve results. 

James Beeson Fitness offers Mobility and Movement training in Highcliffe, Christchurch. Appointments can be made at his studio or home visits can be arranged. Please contact James on 07843491810.

Who can mobility training benefit?

Strength & Mobility Training in Hampshire

Those Recovering From Injury

After an injury it is important to work fast but ensure you do this in an effective way. James uses the combined strength system to aid safe and effective recovery. James works closely with a local physio to ensure you get the best service possible.

Improved movement and mobility training

Older Clients

As we get into our later years our bones get more brittle and we do not use our joints and muscles like we used to so moving our joints through a full range of motion and building strength so our bones stay strong is very important. This way if we fall or need to lift something out of the car or carry the children or grand children it can makes a massive difference to our lives. For example Peter here used to struggle to get in and out the bath and close high windows, now he has no trouble with any of this.

Personal Trainer Highcliffe

People That Train Regularly

James trains a lot of runners, cyclists and people that regularly use the gym. These people often find that due to the repetitive movements of their sports they need to work on a balance of movement and strength throughout their body. This in turn improves results and they find they are stronger and faster.


Real people with real success stories. By working with James Beeson Fitness, each client has achieved incredible results.

James Beeson Fitness

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