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No matter what your age, size, lifestyle, ability or goal, James Beeson will personalise a health and fitness programme to suit your needs. James has vast experience with clients from all walks of life. Not only is each programme tailored to suit the individual, James’ nurturing approach ensures the support you need to achieve your goals.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have been training for years, James will work with you to ensure your success.

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I have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and more. I will help you every step of the way to change your current habits and create new long lasting ones."

I believe that Strength is the foundation of a healthy life. A strong body and mind will keep us able to do the things we love, now and into our later years. 


Personal Trainer Highcliffe

A certified Combined Strength and StrongFirst® coach, James will use his years of experience and qualifications to deliver a dedicated fitness plan.  Through using a range of strength, mobility and cardiovascular techniques James will help you transform your body, improve your life style and encourage overall well being.   

Sessions are available at James’ purpose built personal training studio in Highcliffe. Alternatively home visits can be arranged along with outdoor sessions upon request. 


Your Personal Training Journey with James Beeson will be entirely tailored to focus on achieving targets based on your requirements. Whether your objective is weight loss, weight gain, improved strength or better mobility, James will tailor a plan to ensure manageable achievements throughout the process. 

New clients will begin with an initial consultation. A friendly chat about your lifestyle, what you hope to achieve and how you can achieve it together. 

Each session will use a range of techniques and different structures to ensure a varied programme. Your tailored programme may include the use of kettle bells, weights, body weight exercises and mobility training depending on your aim. 


Small group training can be exceptionally rewarding and even enhance your fitness experience. Get a group of friends together to train for an event. Or perhaps you are a husband and wife wanting to improve your lifestyle together. Whatever your needs, small group training can inspire extra motivation. A healthy dose of competition can really push you to accomplish results. 

James Beeson Fitness Small Group Training Sessions are innovative and structured to ensure fun is had by all whilst working hard. Sessions can be tailored to groups of 2-6 people and can focus on increasing mobility, cardiovascular fitness, strength & endurance coaching or high intensity training. 

Sessions can be catered for at James’ Highcliffe studio, at your home or outdoors. 

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Real people with real success stories. By working with James Beeson Fitness, each client has achieved incredible results.